korean dramas are the worst don't ever listen to anyone's suggestions they s u c k


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Baekhyun’s shenanigans while everyone prepares dinner and talks to Jongdae’s eomeoni.

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thank u!!!!!!!!! god i just wish i can see more of them....his indirect proposal at the end and her sleeping was adorable too. your gifs of them are soo great!

don’t even sweat it anon it was a pleasure to gif that scene lol. and OMG yes his little bow of the head and murmuring, “or maybe at home, you’d just be saying, ‘chief, chief’…” and seo ju young was just SLEEPING RIGHT THROUGH IT LMFAO. they were really the only reason i kept on watching the show, so im glad u feel me anon lol. thanks! :)

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Don’t do that. You don’t think I know you? You don’t have to try so hard. Ju Young, if it’s hard, say it’s hard. If it hurts, say it hurts. You can always tell me.

ahhhhh. your medical top team gifs!!! can u plz gif hanseo's kiss last night?? f

don’t worry anon i’m already in the process i just need some time to collect my emotions I GOTCHU 4 LYF

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i'M SO SORRY I RAN OUT OF CHARACTERS BUT I STILL HAD THINGS TO SAY basically just tell me to go away if needs be idm!! and the way you put it makes it sound SO PERFECT AND FITTING i really wanna see it happen ;;;; why are you sorry for rambling i love reading your thoughts on this i'M SORRY AGAIN INSTEAD FOR JUST GOING ON HERE i just really love talking about this drama

aaahhhh no omg thank you for the appreciation for na jeong/haitai even if you’re team chilbong really i feel the exact same way as you like i’ll probably rage for maybe 19 hrs max if haitai’s not the husband (lbr he’s not sOBS) but the show is so good with not focusing just on the romance but also on the friendships between the kids in the boarding house that as long as everyone’s happy with who they marry i’m happy too. AND IT’S OKAY I LOVE TALKING ABOUT REPLY 1994 TOO SO FEEL FREE TO RAMBLE ANYTIME BECAUSE GUARANTEED I PROBABLY HAVE THE EXACT SAME THOUGHTS AS YOU OMG